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Instructional time is very important. To limit interruptions to the classroom, teacher phone numbers are not listed. If you would like to speak to a teacher, please call the front office and leave a message, or e-mail him or her to set up a time to speak. Thank you for your understanding and support.
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Alexis Becker alexis.becker@wesdschools.org First Grade Website 1st 
Jenna Hawkins jenna.hawkins@wesdschools.org First Grade Website 1st 
Lisa LaScala lisa.lascala@wesdschools.org First Grade Website 1st 
Megan McMahon megan.mcmahon@wesdschools.org First Grade Website 1st 
Dakoda Dickinson dakoda.dickinson@wesdschools.org Second Grade Website 2nd 
Michael Austin michael.austin@wesdschools.org Second Grade Website  2nd 
Mischa Williams mischa.kerr@wesdschools.org Second Grade Website 2nd 
Sarah Peterson sarah.peterson@wesdschools.org Second Grade Website 2nd 
Alexis Oliver alexis.oliver@wesdschools.org Third Grade Website 3rd 
Lindsay Nowaczyk lindsay.nowaczyk@wesdschools.org Third Grade Website 3rd 
Sandy Decker sandy.decker@wesdschools.org Third Grade Website 3rd 
Tara Parra tara.parra@wesdschools.org Third Grade Website 3rd  
Becky Brecher rebecca.brecher@wesdschools.org Fourth Grade Website 4th 
Jeffrey Eidson jeffrey.eidson@wesdschools.org Fourth Grade Website 4th 
Tina Eidson tina.eidson@wesdschools.org Fourth Grade Website 4th 
Eric Farr eric.farr@wesdschools.org Fifth Grade Website 5th 
Jenn Pfister jennifer.pfister@wesdschools.org Fifth Grade Website 5th 
Matt Goebel matthew.goebel@wesdschools.org Fifth Grade Website 5th 
Jared Barleen jared.barleen@wesdschools.org Sixth Grade Website 6th 
Kim Smead kimberly.smead@wesdschools.org Sixth Grade Website 6th 
Manleen Sahi manleen.sahi@wesdschools.org Sixth Grade Website 6th 
Savannah Upson savannah.upson@wesdschools.org Sixth Grade Website 6th 
Charrise Taylor charrise.taylor@wesdschools.org Seventh Grade Website 7th 
David Johnson david.johnson@wesdschools.org Seventh Grade Website 7th 
Marlee Korishev marlee.korishev@wesdschools.org Seventh Grade Website 7th 
Nicole Mwangi nicole.mwangi@wesdschools.org Seventh Grade Website 7th  
Benjamin Ellis benjamin.ellis@wesdschools.org Eighth Grade Website 8th 
Carol Snell carol.snell@wesdschools.org Eighth Grade Website 8th  
Eric Rossbach eric.rossbach@wesdschools.org Eighth Grade Website 8th 
Tracee Klink tracee.klink@wesdschools.org Eighth Grade Website 8th 
Christy Schabacker christy.schabacker@wesdschools.org Specials Website ART 
Dominic Colonero dominic.colonero@wesdschools.org Specials Website Band 
Melissa Griffin melissa.griffin@wesdschools.org Project Potential Website Gifted 
Shana Lusk shana.lusk@wesdschools.org Project Potential Website Gifted 
Brenda Wolper brenda.wolper@wesdschools.org Kindergarten Website 
Camilla Welch camilla.welch@wesdschools.org Kindergarten Website 
Coryn Rossbach coryn.rossbach@wesdschools.org Kindergarten Website 
Darrellina Chavez darrellina.chavez@wesdschools.org Kindergarten Website 
Jenna Mott jenna.mott@wesdschools.org  Math Interventionist 
Carol Virolainen carol.virolainen@wesdschools.org Specials Website Music 
Jim Logie jim.logie@wesdschools.org Specials Website PE 
Philip Wieser philip.wieser@wesdschools.org Specials Website PE 
Chris Jackson Chris.Jackson@wesdschools.org Physical Therapy Website Physical Therapist 
Julie Brenton julie.brenton@wesdschools.org Lit Lab Website Reading Intervention 
Katie Lewis katie.lewis@wesdschools.org Lit Lab Website Reading Intervention 
Nicole McCurdy gerda.mccurdy@wesdschools.org Lit Lab Website  Reading Intervention 
Angela Holub angela.holub@wesdschools.org SPED Website School Psychologist 
Deana Llewellyn deana.llewellyn@wesdschools.org Social Worker Website Social Worker 
Maribel Grado maribel.grado@wesdschools.org Social Worker Website Social Worker 
Christina Osborn christina.osborn@wesdschools.org SPED Website Special Education 
Georgianna Thomopoulos georgianna.thomopoulos@wesdschools.org SPED Website Special Education 
Tonia Ray tonia.ray@wesdschools.org SPED Website Special Education 
Ashley Rundell ashley.rundell@wesdschools.org SPED Website Speech Language Pathologist 
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