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SubjectSite NameDiscription
General Phoenix Public Library Home page for the Public Library 
General Referencia Latina Reference in Spanish 
General New York Public Library Homework Help. Awesome!  
General Multnomah Library  Homework Center  
General CultureGrams  Countries. Username: orangewood Password: orangewood 
General Fact Monster  Online Almanac, Dictionary, Encyclopedia 
Social Studies KIDIPEDE History for Kids  
General Student Research Center Student Research Center (Grades 4-8) 
Science Science Reference Center Hundreds of science encyclopedias, reference books, periodicals, and other sources covering biology, chemistry, earth & space science, the history of sciences, physics. 
Social Studies Biography Reference Center Full text biographies of actors, athletes, authors, composers, explorers, significant historical figures, inventors, musicians, U.S. Presidents and current world leaders 
Language Arts Literary reference Center An assortment of traditional literary reference works, poems, classic texts, literary journal articles, and critical information about authors and their works.  
General Kid’s Search This child-friendly, graphically-rich interface is designed specifically for elementary/middle school students keeping in view their needs and search abilities. It is both powerful and fun to use. 
Social Studies Points of View Reference Center Designed to aid students in the study of today’s social issues, with sources from political magazines, news transcripts and reference books. Also offers guides to debate, developing arguments and writing position papers ( Junior High 7 & 8th gr.) 
General Searchasaurus Searchasaurus is a kid friendly information tool that is simple and intuitive, making it easy for students to search by icon, keyword or by topic to find the useful information.( grades K-3) 
Social Studies  History Reference Center  Covers all aspects of history with a focus on America's past. Historical videos, documents, full text journal articles, and photographs bring our human heritage to life. 
Language Arts NoveList Plus Locate books to read, browse theme-oriented book lists at every reading level and learn more about books and authors. 
Language Arts Poetry180 
Showing 17 items